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MP3Renamer (~23 KB) download

MP3Renamer is an application that helps you organize your MP3-Files by renaming them. It will also create the specified directories.

It reads the information from the ID3 Tags and renames the files according to the specified format.
Format supports several variables: %title%, %track%, %artist%, %album%, %year% and %comment%

Explanation: If format is "%artist%\%album%\%track% - %title%" the program will first create a directory with the name of the artist then in this directory it will create an other directory with the name of the album. After that it will move the file to this directory and rename it. The new name will be [Number of track] - [Title of track].

Example: If you want to rename all songs of your own band's(let's call it MyBand) album(let's call it MyAlbum) to match the format "%artist%\%album%\%track% - %title%" the program will create MyBand and MyAlbum and it will move your tracks there and rename them to "1 - MyFirstSong.mp3", "2 - MySecondSong.mp3" and so on.